Swaddling your baby has been done for ages

From Wikipedia

Baby Jesus Swaddle

My initial search into swaddling brought me to wikipedia and this is the first image that caught my eye.  This is a painted depiction of Jesus swaddling in a blanket being held my Mary. It shows swaddling has been around for ages and potentially even around the time of Jesus’ birth.  The fact that this tradition has been around for such a long time means there is a benefit to swaddling.  Even in these days of increase knowledge, technology, savy, newborns are swaddle at hospitals.  Nurses wrap babies in burrito shape rolls for parents.

I know there are people who are concern that swaddling might be harmful for kids and this is true.  Swaddling can be harmful if not done correctly. When babies are swaddle we tend not to be actively watching them because they are asleep and parents need sleep.  Thus, swaddling newborns correctly is the key.  I’ll list the benefits of swaddling in a later post.

If babies have been swaddle for generations, then your baby can be swaddle too.

My new mantra; Swaddle your baby like Jesus.