Benefit of Swaddling – Reason #1

Swaddle Baby

My son, Aaron, swaddle and sleeping in supine position

The benefits of swaddling has been time tested and recent studies by Dr. Rachel Moon at the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC, found “parents who routinely used swaddling were more likely to find it effective and to place their infant supine when swaddled.” (1)

What does this mean?

The benefits of supine sleeping position are not much of a debate and have been the recommend position since 1992.  All pediatricians agree, infants need to sleep in the supine position to reduce the outcome of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  A study by Skadberg, Morild, & Markestad in 1998 (2) shows how supine position can greatly reduce occurrence of SIDS. he supine position reduces SIDS because the possibility of their air ways (nose & mouth) being blocked is lowered.  The supine position reduces pressure (from the babies own weight) applied to the lungs of the baby to prevent choking.

Overall, supine position is the way parents need to put their baby to sleep.  One method to train infants to sleep in this position is by swaddling.  Thus, reason #1 to swaddle is to reduce the occurrence of SIDS by training your infant to sleep in the supine position.


Supine position – baby’s back is against the mattress (sleeps on the back)

Prone position – baby’s back is facing up away from the mattress (sleeps on the belly)


(1) Swaddling: Will It Get Babies Onto Their Backs for Sleep?, R. Moon, etc, 2011

(2) Abandoning prone sleeping: Effect on the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, Skadberg, Morild, & Markestad, 1998


Swaddling your baby has been done for ages

From Wikipedia

Baby Jesus Swaddle

My initial search into swaddling brought me to wikipedia and this is the first image that caught my eye.  This is a painted depiction of Jesus swaddling in a blanket being held my Mary. It shows swaddling has been around for ages and potentially even around the time of Jesus’ birth.  The fact that this tradition has been around for such a long time means there is a benefit to swaddling.  Even in these days of increase knowledge, technology, savy, newborns are swaddle at hospitals.  Nurses wrap babies in burrito shape rolls for parents.

I know there are people who are concern that swaddling might be harmful for kids and this is true.  Swaddling can be harmful if not done correctly. When babies are swaddle we tend not to be actively watching them because they are asleep and parents need sleep.  Thus, swaddling newborns correctly is the key.  I’ll list the benefits of swaddling in a later post.

If babies have been swaddle for generations, then your baby can be swaddle too.

My new mantra; Swaddle your baby like Jesus.