The Baby Einste…

The Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Center is a versatile jumperoo that can grow and be tuned to your baby’s liking. Parents will grow to love this jumperoo and as much as their baby because of all the wonderful fun, educational activities it provides. This activity center jumper has four activity zones that will provide hours of fun for your baby. The seat is…

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Are you looking…

Are you looking for an affordable entertainment center for your newborn? Well, consider the Evenflo Delux Developmental Circus Activity center as an option that is filled with many fun and safe activities.

Here is one economical reason to purchase this activity center. All of the Evenflo’s fun zones are…

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When you purcha…

When you purchase an item online, you generally have an idea how big the items because it’s included in the item description. But, the size of the packaging box is not always known. In all the pictures of the jumperoos, you think the packaging to hold all the parts will take a lot space, but it’s actually nicely pack to fit in…

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Are muslin blankets too thin for the winter?


I’m a big fan of the muslin blankets because I live in a traditional warm area of the United States. But, with winter upon us the night temperature can easily drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. As a cautious parent, you are probably thinking a muslin swaddle blanket is not warm enough for your baby. You are probably right because muslin blankets are designed for hot and humid environments to help cool your baby.  Here are some things you can do to make sure your baby is adequately kept warm in their swaddle blanket –

  1. Turn on the room heater for the baby’s room and keep it nicely warmed around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Instead of using a single muslin swaddle blanket, I’ve seen parents use 2 muslin blankets at a time to further insulate their baby from the winter cold.  But you can always use more muslin blankets until the baby is warm enough.
  3. Mix and match a muslin swaddle blanket with another thicker cotton swaddle blanket or fleece swaddle blankets.
  4. Switch to the pouch swaddle blankets by SwaddleMe, Miracle Blanket, and Halo. These items are great because after I swaddle my baby in a muslin fabric, I can further cover them in one of these ouch swaddle blankets. It provides another layer that I don’t have to worry about my baby kicking off in the middle of the night.
  5. Go away from the swaddle blanket if your baby is old enough and start using sleepsacks to help keep them warm. There are plenty of thick and warm sacks from Halo or Merino Kids that are great and comfortable for any baby to sleep in.


During the winter, parents can sometime cover their babies with so much insulation that they can actually get too hot. Here are some signs you need to look for to make sure you are not overheating your baby.


  1. Check for redness in his face.
  2. Check for sweat on his forehead and hair.
  3. Check for wet and damp clothing that is un-related to a leaky diaper. Usually the spots that I look for is the back of the clothes around the shoulder area.
  4. Increase fussiness during the night because he or she is uncomfortable.


Muslin swaddle blankets are great for hot and humid days, but during this winter season, parents should look at alternatives for better options in keeping their little ones warm and comfortable during those cold nights.

The relationship between SIDS and climate

A study conducted by Beal and Porter from the Adelaide Children’s Hospital in South Australia found the single most important factor influencing the incidence of SIDS is the climate.

How is this so?

The potential reason being in colder months, parent’s don’t swaddle their newborn and then have loose cots that can potential pose a hazard for newborns.  This risk can easily be taught and trained for parents.

Looking for a large swaddle blanket?

Large swaddle blankets are great! Having the extra length on the blanket can come in handy when you are trying to swaddle your newborn.  First, the extra cloth will make it easier to pull and tug to create a nice secure swaddle. The extra portion of the blanket can be easily tucked away to the side as part of the swaddle. The excess is great for growing babies as well, so the blanket can grow your newborn.

The largest swaddle blankets, I’ve seen is from Aden & Anais and they come in 47”x47” size. The 2nd largest blanket swaddle blanket that I’ve seen is 46” x 46” and Swaddle design calls them the Ultimate swaddling blanket.

The larger size swaddle blankets can come in handy for other things when your newborn is just too big for them.  You can find read more reviews about swaddle blankets at