Looking for a large swaddle blanket?

Large swaddle blankets are great! Having the extra length on the blanket can come in handy when you are trying to swaddle your newborn.  First, the extra cloth will make it easier to pull and tug to create a nice secure swaddle. The extra portion of the blanket can be easily tucked away to the side as part of the swaddle. The excess is great for growing babies as well, so the blanket can grow your newborn.

The largest swaddle blankets, I’ve seen is from Aden & Anais and they come in 47”x47” size. The 2nd largest blanket swaddle blanket that I’ve seen is 46” x 46” and Swaddle design calls them the Ultimate swaddling blanket.

The larger size swaddle blankets can come in handy for other things when your newborn is just too big for them.  You can find read more reviews about swaddle blankets at http://www.BestSwaddleBlanket.com


Is swaddling is bad for baby’s hip?

The short answer is a big potential,”YES.”  If swaddling is not done properly, then parents could be causing the femur socket not being aligned with the hip. The result is what pediatricians call Hip Dysplasia. This happens when the newborn’s legs are swaddle so tightly that they are straight and are not free to move around like frogs.  Continue restriction of the legs will gradual cause the femur socket to be out of place.

So, parents need to practice proper swaddling.  One easy way is to get swaddle sleepsacks that has innovative swaddling designs that allows newborns to move their legs freely, while keeping them in a nice swaddle position around the upper body.  New parents should definitely give this a try.