3 months old and growing!

My son just reached the 3 month mark and he is growing fast! He’s gained a total of 8 lbs and grew 5 inches.  Amazing!

He’s reached one of milestone after another.  Below you can see him raising his head 90 degrees from the stomach position. He is able to laugh really loud,



Should all newborns be swaddle?

The short answer is no, but all parents need to give swaddling a try.

If parents do not swaddle, they will be covering their newborn in a blanket to help keep them warm.

A blanket will work to keep them warm, but the possibility of a loose blanket blocking the newborn’s passage ways is a risk.  In the case of swaddle blankets, they are tightly wrapped around the body and will not be loosen easily. Thus, the warmth will be maintain without any safety risk.