Benefit of Swaddling – Reason #2

First of all,  swaddling lower the possibility of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) because swaddling helps infants sleep in the supine position. But, the benefits don’t stop there. Moms already witness the 2nd benefit when they first held their swaddle baby.

unhappy baby not swaddle

Unswaddle baby

As I replay thru the video highlights of my son’s birth, it’s simple to observe he was disturbed and distressed coming into the world. He was yelling his poor lungs out and did not yield at all as the doctors checked him. His howling stopped only after he was swaddle. The baby had hibernated in the mother’s womb for almost 9 months (mine stayed in there for only 34 weeks, 6 days) and had grew accustom to it. The infant does not weep or shed any tears in the womb because it’s sheltered in its very own utopia. The swaddling will assist in re-creating this awesome period in his existence. Where he remembers he has not a thing to fret about. In the womb, he is provided for, kept warm, and shielded by the mom. A swaddle blanket will fix two of those worries.

First, newborns are not use to the freezing environment when they enter in the world. The body system temperature averages 37 degrees Celsius and he comes into a world that averages 23 degrees Celcius. Additionally, newborn ordinarily don’t have much body fat for insulation and this is especially true for premature babies. A tight swaddle around the newborn will help protect the baby and keep him cozy as he enters a cold earth.

Happy Swaddle baby

Happy Swaddle baby

Second, the wrap will act like a shield to support decrease not familiar hands from roughing him up. The swaddle blanket will keep bacteria away from the baby’s body. After arriving home, folks might come and stop by to visit the little one. Having him wrapped in a clean blanket will help keep bacteria off his skin. The swaddle blanket then should be regularly swapped out and cleaned to lessen the likeliness of microbes developing up. The most visible benefit for parents is experiencing the babe scream significantly less when he is swaddle. As the surroundings of the womb is re-created, the newborn will recall the good times and will calm down from their perturbed states.

The most visible benefit for parents is experiencing less screaming after he is swaddle. As the surroundings of the womb is re-created, the newborn will recall the good times and will calm him down.


Benefit of Swaddling – Reason #1

Swaddle Baby

My son, Aaron, swaddle and sleeping in supine position

The benefits of swaddling has been time tested and recent studies by Dr. Rachel Moon at the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC, found “parents who routinely used swaddling were more likely to find it effective and to place their infant supine when swaddled.” (1)

What does this mean?

The benefits of supine sleeping position are not much of a debate and have been the recommend position since 1992.  All pediatricians agree, infants need to sleep in the supine position to reduce the outcome of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  A study by Skadberg, Morild, & Markestad in 1998 (2) shows how supine position can greatly reduce occurrence of SIDS. he supine position reduces SIDS because the possibility of their air ways (nose & mouth) being blocked is lowered.  The supine position reduces pressure (from the babies own weight) applied to the lungs of the baby to prevent choking.

Overall, supine position is the way parents need to put their baby to sleep.  One method to train infants to sleep in this position is by swaddling.  Thus, reason #1 to swaddle is to reduce the occurrence of SIDS by training your infant to sleep in the supine position.


Supine position – baby’s back is against the mattress (sleeps on the back)

Prone position – baby’s back is facing up away from the mattress (sleeps on the belly)


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(2) Abandoning prone sleeping: Effect on the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, Skadberg, Morild, & Markestad, 1998